Intuitive Bayes Introductory Course

Have you found most statistics books overly theoretical? Math-heavy? Or lacking a clear focus on application?

Want to keep your skills sharp to improve your career prospects?

Have you heard about these new fangled Probabilistic Programming Languages and want to know what they're all about?

Then this course is for you.

About the Course

This course is made for the quick learners, busy professionals, and for those positively curious about the modern Bayes revolution.

The course consists of content that focuses on the intuition and application of Bayes. It contains short videos, relevant references, and downloadable code examples, that explain, show, and guide you through the modern statistics ecosystem.

You'll learn about cutting edge tools which contain the most up to date algorithms and are used by modern practitioners in academia and industry.

Meet your Instructors

Applied Practitioners, Tool Builders, and Community Leaders

We're Bayesian enthusiasts, tool builders, and practitioners that use these methods every day. All three of us are authors of the PyMC Probabilistic Programming Language, a production grade package used at leading organizations around the world. We're also practitioners that use Bayes Theorem in a wide variety of settings from political science, supply chains, venture capital, and many other disciplines.

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What other are saying

Frank Harrell

I took a whirdwind tour of the course. I'm impressed. The layout is clean and clear, motivation is good, and points of emphasis are well chosen. One area perhaps to add is the Bayesian t-test a la John Kruschke which allows parameters for non-normality and non-equal variance. This highlights that Bayes can allow you to be honest about what you don't know, instead of dichotomously looking at model diagnostics.

Development Schedule

We're currently building the course with a focus on our upcoming limited beta.

  • December 2021: Limited Release Beta Test
  • January 2022: Additional Course Updates
  • Q2 2022: Public Release

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